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Should Smoothies be Re-Named Soothies?

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The soothing qualities of the smoothie need to be emphasized. While we’re unlikely to re-name the drinkable meals that fuel many of us, there are many excellent reasons to celebrate these soothe foods in a separate category from mere comfort foods.

When it comes to eating for both health and pleasure, you may not be able to eat ice cream for breakfast, but a smoothie can get you very close. It is an unavoidable truth that smoothies are not low-calorie, but they are certainly not equivalent to having a chocolate shake. The comparison comes from the milky texture that is equally likely to come from whey protein as it is from vegan protein powder blended with coconut, almond or oat milk. Combine that with the sweetness of bananas and other fruits, and you are well on your way into treat territory.

That said, fruit is not the only ingredient blended into our favourite smoothies. Kale, spinach, avocado, cucumber, carrot and celery all play a starring role too. Their delicious place, alongside seeds and hemp hearts, certainly take the pressure off the demands of being healthy. With nutritionists recommending we all consume between 5 and 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, the three or four servings in every smoothie helps counter the meal planning worries for the rest of the day. In a society where French fries are more widely available as a lunch option than any fresh fruit or vegetable, that is no small feat.

Read your ingredient list, though. All smoothies are not created equal. There are plenty of smoothie manufacturers who will add sugar, fillers and emulsifiers to what should be a simple blend of fresh, clean food. Urban Craving stands by its commitment to ensure these artificial additions stay out of its products.

Urban Cravings certainly understands the power of the smoothie to soothe goes beyond the mundane. There are times in all of our lives where there is no better way to begin to address exhaustion, dehydration and times of poor nutrition. Smoothies have joined soup as a tool for caregivers to show love and support.

At least, that is true for those of us who have visited a new mother learning to care for a newborn and how to breastfeed on demand on so little sleep. There are few greater rewards that gifting a new mom with a smoothie full of nutrients and watching her revive as she sips it. The same can be said for patients recovering from some surgeries who are not quite ready for solid food. The grieving, the worried and the depressed often find themselves unable to eat a meal, but they will accept a few sips of a smoothie and, often, a few sips more. A smoothie provides a gentle path back to the normal routines of eating and drinking when we have been distracted by bigger life events.

The soothing nature of the smoothie is also special for those who have given up alcohol. Cocktails are mixed with such variety and detail, that the offer of free pop at the bar is dull, dull, and duller. Smoothie combinations, thought, rival the contents of any bar guide.

Smoothies may not be the weight loss miracle they were once touted to be, but the work they do to soothe what ails us valuable. They restore our energies, provide a kind of nutritional insurance and provide great pleasure in a cup of health. It’s a soothie as much as it is a smoothie.

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Should Smoothies be Re-Named Soothies?

Mar 11, 2021 Patrick Jones